About - Marquess Jewellers

At Marquess Jewellers, we take pride in our culture and history. Our spirit is unique in that we are third generation jewellers who pull from our vast knowledge of the industry and our connections to make timeless custom jewellery. Our expert jewellers craft custom pieces with care and attention to detail so you can feel confident that your piece will be even better than imagined.

Since 1983, we have repaired jewellery in house and have in-depth knowledge of many different models, makes, and infrequencies of a variety of jewellery. We offer onsite watch battery replacement, watch repair services, and can replace both metal and leather watch bands quickly and professionally. Our team can replace diamonds or stones, and has experience soldering broken necklaces, re-tipping prongs, re-sizing rings, or restoring family heirlooms.

We also pride ourselves on having a large selection of affordable gold and silver jewelry onsite for you to choose from. We have earrings and necklaces sourced from the very best, coming from Italy, New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal. We promise that you will find the perfect jewellery for any occasion here at Marquess Jewellers. If not, we can make it for you. Finally, we can also have your jewellery appraised safely and we can engrave any piece you bring in onsite.